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I am going for a weeks holiday in a couple of weeks in Aberaron and i am looking to do a bit of shore fishing can any one recommend decent locations, rigs to use and a tackle/bait shop???
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welcome to the site marty. some 1 should be able to help you, dont forget we av a chat room every evenin m8.. hope to c u in there.......
Swellyman will help you there mate ,he has so much knowledge of the area i'm sure he will respond
hi m8 i fish that area from march to october ive got a caravan in llangranog not too far from aberaeron willing to meet if you like, post reply a bit nearer the date you are coming all the best derek
Welcome to the site mate,
Fished near there last year had a 3.5lb bass on a beach left of Newquay, have a walk about find the worm beds and fish onto these with worm, worked for me.
Good luck
Thanks a lot guys i will go to chat room tonight and see what people have to say about the area
martin :)
Try fishing the seafish place at newquay. The best bait is realy gone off shell fish fished on a float. The guy in the tackle shop in newquay told me and sold me the bait. Had a 4lb bass. But be warned the rocks are like ice in the wet and the bass do get spooked like carp etc. Hope you get some luck i'm sure the guys on here can fill in the blanks
hi marty.
the north and south beach at aberaron are both rough ground so tackel loss is great, so beach casting is realy a no go! i spin for bass in the warmer months with good results the best way i find is to wade out to your waist and cast to about the 7th wave with a quite fast retreave ive taken numurus bass this way the best to 9lbs.the harbour wall can be fished but a nite tide is better due to the boat traffic you will be more out of the water than in. In day hours. Tackel shop in the town has an info sheet on the area. i have a static van in newquay and have been fishing the area for more than 20 years. i see someone mentioned the fishfarm all i can say is DANGER DONT FISH ALONE not the place to get caught out trust me i got the tea shirt. newquay harbour is good from may on but night tides the order of the day here due to holidaymakers and dolphin watchers.3 hook patanoisters here. worm local dug and mackey or cockles bass: place: summer whiting: rockling: and plenty of mackerel on feather. numurus other places perhaps we can meet up when you up there. OR PM ME FOR MORE INFO

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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