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Where are the fish? I dunno you sneak out during gaps in the gales or try and tuck yourself into a sheltered bit and how do the fish repay your expenditure on lovely bait etc? They ignore you! The little, slimy swines!


All the marks tried (and also Porth Clais) resulted in pitiful catches. But we know they'll come good, so we'll keep on trying.

On a serious note, for heavens sake take care out there in the rough/wet conditions. Don't fish on your own, don't take risks, and don't become complacent about safety. I have personally broken a couple of the above rules in the last few trips and scared myself silly. On another day I would have been a news item. Lesson learned. From now on I will not f*** with the sea.

Fish safely,

Rhod :unsure: :unsure: :( :p
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