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Good day, all!

So for the last few days, me and a friend of mine have been planning to get out fishing due to the better than average weather. We picked Thursday as our day, and guess what!? .. FOGGY AS HELL! Anyway, my friend, Josh, had never been shore fishing and was quite excited about the experience as he wanted to get some fish for the pot.

We got down the concrete jetty and started fishing for about 4.50pm (high water was at about 6.30pm), I told him that we've kind of entered "the between times" as the winter species are leaving and the summer species aren't really showing yet, other than the odd anomaly. About 5pm JLD from these forums turned up for a cast, always nice to see him!

I'd set Josh up with a 3 hook flapper tied with size 4 Aberdeen hooks hoping that "scratching" around might get him a few fish. Baited up with some "past it's best" rag that Basil in the local tackle store had been gracious enough to provide to me for free on top of the sandeel and razorfish that I had purchased, I just short lobbed the gear about 40 or so yards, just over the rough stuff onto clean enough ground.

I decided on a different approach, I used a long pulley pennel tied with size 1 Mustad Vikings and either a whole razorfish or a whole sandeel punted about 80-100 yards in the hope that I'd pick up something better that could be randomly marauding about.

Surprisingly, the action started almost straight away as Josh got into a double shot of flounder on his first cast!

He was over the moon with this, as was I!

I promptly followed this up with the obligatory doggy.


I had a couple small whiting, then Josh had a double shot of what turned out to be a whiting and the smallest codling I've ever seen! Aha!


The pin whiting then came on thick and fast for me and Josh. JLD was persevering with fishing amongst the boulders close in, hoping for a three bearded rockling or the like to add to his yearly tally, but throughout the night was picking away with plenty of whiting, a small coaly and some codling (I'm not sure if he wants to write his own report, so I'm not going to go into too much detail about his evening).

Josh got cold and retreated home to get another jacket, so I rebaited his rod and fished two rods as he was away. This resulted in a nice little double shot and another two species for my year!


A little codling and even better, a scorpion fish!

From here on out, it was just whiting with the odd small codling and doggy thrown in. I managed one whiting worth keeping, other than that, everything was undersized.

Towards the end of the night JLD got, in my opinion, the best fish of the night:


A nice codling of 33cm. 2cm away from death aha! :notworthy

The final tally for the night was something like:
Josh - 10 whiting, 3 codling, 2 flounders, 1 dog.
Myself - 15+ whiting, 2 codling, 2 dogs, 1 scorpion fish.

I'm not exactly sure what JLD's total was, but he was definitely kept busy enough!

In conclusion, this was a wonderful, unexpectedly busy session for mid March! And definitely not how I expected it to go! I have a feeling Josh is now hooked and I'm going to see if I can coax him out again tonight!

Thanks for reading and tight lines, all! :showoff:

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Excellent report and great pictures. Well done on catching a few fish.:clap3:
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