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Hadn't been fishing since the beginning of October last year, and with the arrival of a new rod and reel I was keen to wet a line at the weekend. Arrived at abotsbury at 4pm to find a match taking place so decided to walk along the road towards the cottages in search of a space. Set up 1st rod with pennel 4-0's sandeel wrapped in squid optimisticly hoping for a ray, then set to work loading new reel with braid and leader. Decided to try for early plaice with wishbone rig and size1's baited with rag and sliver of squid. 1st cast and a few knocks, waited a bit and lifted into a fish, no fight whatsoever and my first fish of the year was a doggie. Glad to have caught something rebaited still hopeful of a plaice and tap tap again. Felt a lot better but again no fight, beached result 2 doggies and a tangled mess. Didn't fancy untangling wishbone mess all night so swopped to single1-0 hook on a pulley rig. Stopped fishing around midnight after catching 16 doggies and 4 small whiting. Was gonna try for plaice again in the morning but the wind noise on my missus tent meant I wasn't gonna have any sleep so decided to wrap everything up for the weekend. It was great to be back fishing after what seemed an eternity and the doggies and pin whiting were actualy a welcome catch.
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