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abu 6000 hi-speed,

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got this reel (converted to non level wind) with a rod off of ebay,

i've had a quick look inside to see what's what, there's one metal brake block (looks metal anyway !) and no mag or owt behind the slidy control on the left end plate, so effectively it does nowt ! not that i'm fussed as it's not exactly gonna be going for distance,

anyways, i was wondering what makes the 6000 hi-speed, a hi speed reel ? should it have mags ?
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If it has a slider, and a rounded endplate on the left, and the end-float adjustment on the right, under the handle, then the slider operates the ratchet...the mechanism may have been removed to enable the use of a casting "Bullet"by a previous owner. From 1974, when the 6500C was introduced, almost all the reels were described as "Hi-Speed".

Hope this helps,

philtherod (and occasionally, reel as well!)
thank you phil, that wold explain it, there is no ratchet then, i would like one personally, especially for when fishing for bass with a fillet ! i'l drop it into the shop and get it sorted i think.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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