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CS is a reel with level wind, the little jobbie that sorts out the line lay. CT means that it doesn't have a level wind. Generally you want one without for shore as it means you can get a better grip with your thumb and I'd guess they run a little more freely (hence more distance if needed).

Size wise a 6500 is the standard beach size. You'll get a bit less than 300m of 15lb line on one. 7000 is a bigger (rough stuff) beach reel for rough ground, conger and stuff, and maybe general bottom boat fishing (people may argue with that). Any bigger than that is boat stuff for 'proper' fishing for big conger, shark etc.

You don't say what you're after, but for lightish beach stuff a Mag Elite 6500 (or Diawa 7HT) will do you fine, if a bit rougher but still a need to chuck a lead a way a Penn 525, or rougher still but casting not such an issue an Abu 7000 should see you sorted. Clear as mud? :)
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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