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With the opportunity to have a long weekend I decided that a quick road trip to see both Max and the gang from South Australia would be just what I needed to unwind from everything that is going on at the moment.

Driving over on Saturday was a relaxed affair with very little traffice and good weather making the trip very enjoyable, relaxing in my car and just listening to some of my music. I was also very lucky to be staying with Mike and his wife Wendy who are two top people to spend time with . Mike is one very lucky man with a wife that not only fishes with him but also bought the boat :D
Once I arrive we unloaded a few of the rods that the guys wanted to have a look at and set about loading a few reels with line in preparartion to the casting on Sunday. With the arrival of Jonathan later in the evening we settled down to a top class BBQ and had a great evening just relaxing and talking .

Sunday was a pearler of a day with clear skies , and plenty of sun - too much heat for my liking but we had come prepared with plenty of drinks. Also the South Ozzie guys have a brilliant set up with their casting field being in the middle of the city and having shaed and park benches set up to relax on. Simply brilliant stuff, just have to figure how to get a similar set up at Lancefield :roll:

Casting was already underway when Mike and I rolled up with Jonathan belting out a few casts with his casting blob getting into the grove before the rest of us turned up. It was great to catch up with Max who along with Eddie was casting very well . The guys werre using an assortment of gear with Eddie using his Century SS ,Mike decided to try my Century HPR TTR ( TT Exc. ) and then we had Max starting out with my Zziplex 427 Hiflex which he then alternated with a few of my other with my prototype Sport taking his fancy and allowing him to belt out a number of very nice casts :D . Jonathan was using his Zziplex Bullet and Harry was using his Full Tournament that he has fallen in love with. I decided to stick with my Excalibur E1000 though I changed over to the heavier 175 gram after initially hitting a few 150 gram casts away in the early stages.

I must say that the field is a pleasure to cast on for the most part other than the long grass that drove us mad with the number of grass seeds that were getting stuck into socks, shoes and in my case jeans. Not the best attire to cast in with the hot weather conditions but what do you expect from a Victorian :roll:

The distance cast by Max and the other guys were pleasing to see and it was a great day just meeting up with the guys again and then also seeing a fe new faces with Matt turning up in the later part of the afternoon and Harry's better half as well.

All in all it was a great day and I must say thanks to the guys for making it a top day. Really looking forward to the next time I can make it over there and enjoy the hospitality once more.

Here's the the video footage , unfortunately no photos as some idiot had forgotten to check his camera batteries the night before :oops:

Regards :D
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