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Adjusting height of line

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I have a 1up-1down rig question.

With this at the end of my line, I am only fishing the bottom to 12" up. If I wanted to aim at something higher, would I simply add another length of line to the bottom of the rig (thus moving the rig up the line) with the weight at the new 'end'? Does that makes sense?

Would the new part of the line have to be a shock-leader or simply enough to account for the weight? I'm thinking that because the hooks are further up (where any heavy fish my ultimately end up), the new line would only have to be 5-6lb or so to account for 5-6oz weight?

Does any of this make sense?

Thanks for any help!
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This is why I'm starting to become addicted to fishing.

I enjoy hunting small game with my airrifle. I love the tracking, 'stalking', marksmanship and general principles attached. It is fast becoming the same with fishing. I must admit that I always saw it as a bit of 'drop the line inthe water and hope for the best' but it's really 'hunting in water'. There's so much to it.

Thank you for the advice!
Oh ho, your hooked LOL

Say goodbye to all your disposable income :wiggle:
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