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Admiralty Pier 13/04 Report

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Well, got away froim work early yesterday, so decided to stop off anf grab some bait on the way home for a bit of weekend fishing..

Got home, and by 8 decided to go to the adi, got me gear loaded, flask of coffee, bait, and once I had set off, got there at around quarter to ten, just after high tide, setup anf fished down to low, wind was a lil chilly but not overly cold considering...

Fished with a 3 boom rig on one rod, and a nice 3/0 cod rig for bigger fish with a whole calamari on there, who couldn't resist that....

The dogfish didn't and some of a nice size, 7 in total :D 3 whiting, 2 of a good size and a fish I couldn't recognise :unsure: , but have now googled, a Rockling...?

Best point was to Dogfish on the boom rig, the fight and trying to get those in, till someone could see them was fun. that happend twice, not a bad fight either, especialy up that bloody

Fishing there seems to be busy at the moment, if you don't mind the Dogfish :D

But a fight with a doggy is better then a Rig destroying Eel anyday...

A really good night, things died down at low tide, so packed up and come home to crash out.....

In fact got a lil bait left over, thinking of going back down tonight :D

Dave n Kez (Miffed she missed the fishing, glad she was warm indoors)
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