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Was fishing the admrilty on saturday nite and it fished really well plenty of dogs and big poulting also had a little codling. The best bit of the nite was an hour before high tide and all i could hear was my little girl going dad help and i turned around and her rod was getting pulled into the sea so she crabbed hold of it and it was pulling her so i said hang on its proberly just the tide and she said no its not its a big fish so i crabed hold of the rod and there was a big fish on so i played it for a bit and got it to the wall i could then see what it was and what i was fishing for a smoothound it was big. Some fella ask if i needed a hand and i said yes please. He lowerd the net and then it was my turn to put the fish in it. However where the tide was running the weight got caught on the bottom of the net and so couldnt catch the fish in the net what a dissaster:cry:. I was gutted but then i thought to my self the fish is still on the hook lets lift the net and lift it up that way so we did it took 2 of us to bring it up and soon as it saw our ugly mugs at the top of the wall it snapped the hook and went i was gutted it would of been a personal best. It was easily into double figures. So nearly there but no cigar. I have had sleepless nites since u dont realise how much u want a fish till you lose it. Apart from that a good nite.
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Unlucky on losing the fish Matt, it's not easy trying to net a fish on the Addy in the tide run.:ahhh::ahhh::ahhh::ahhh:
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