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Hi folks,

I'm hoping someone can give me a shove in the right direction. I'm down in Brighton with work and am looking forward to a session tomorrowing afternoon evening. I grew up fishing on the Isle of Wight and now unfortunately live in Gloucester - I seem to be having trouble casting to the sea!

Looks like I'll get a soaking tomorrow but beggars can't be choosers. Can someone point me to a decent mark or two down that way. A friend tells me good things about Shoreham. What should I be targetting if I go there? Am I too late for the Smoothound around this way? Not looking for anyones hard earned secrets, just a shove in the right direction.

Cheers all, Jamie. ps, whilst I'm being cheeky a recommendation for a decent bait shop wouldn't go a miss either....

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Hey there, I would buy my bait from here, i do.

The Newhaven Angler
107 Fort Road, Newhaven, East Sussex BN9 9DA 01273 512 186

You usually get a good amount for your money, unlike the tackle box on the marina that sold me five quids worth of rag and got 8 worms :thumbdown

P.s id try the marina for some bream if its calm, fished seaford a few times lately and its pretty quiet.

All the best mate
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