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Depends on whether you go for a ground or high gloss finish m8. With a rod as powerful as the B14, you can paper off the original finish to go down to a lovely ground finish without softening it up any, then whip and just treat the whippings to two coats of Gibbs two pack resin. I promise this will look smart especially with Wine or Bottle coloured whippings. Re-builds tend to be expensive even if you refit the original rings, because it can be a time consuming job stripping the blank down especially if there are great blobs of hard epoxy all over the blank as there often are on modern rods these days. I would stick to a blunt edge for scraping as you can afford to go quite hard and won't damage the blank or chop any fingers off!

I still wouldn't pay silly money. I think K.L. at Hornsea charges £85-00 for a re-build, steep but does a very high quality job. As you're in Yorkshire, if you get stuck, p.m. me and I'll have a look at it. But bear in mind I am an amateur and don't do rods in a hurry.

Cheers, T
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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