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Hello Gentlemen (and ladies),

I am contemplating a trip from the North East across the border for a night through to morning session on Thur night 20 Aug 04...unfortunately it will be my only fishing session this leave due to my wedding and honeymoon!

I enjoyed a great summer in Eyemouth fishing in the summer in '09 so would like to spend my one trip around there!

I usually fish the Cannons in the hope of red cod...I have caught only one small one....but I loved it!

I'll be fishing with my regular Buddy and we would greatly appreciate any recommendations on marks to try depending on how the fishing is going in various locations currently! Eyemouth is our usual haunt...particuarly earlier this year up until about May...which I appreciate was probably too early for many of the Summer species. Howver, we would appreciate any information regarding alternative marks!

Yours Wayne.
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