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I dont fish your area but as a generalisation for thornback this may help.
If you are uptiding for these fish use a simple running ledger, or fixed rig. Dont waste your money on fancy tackle like silly booms or sliders all they do is add more drag in the tide, the last thing you need, just use a large snap swivel for a lead slider, with a bead in front of it. Put a rig clip on your trace as well, so when you tangle your mates up you can sort it quicker.
Use a strong meat hook, dont need to be big , 4/0 max, on a clear 4ft hook length.
Also baits wash out fast , I know this is obvious, but if you havent had a bite after 20 mins or so bring it in and change baits, you wont catch bugger all leaving it out for hours with the same bait on.
As for bait , the skipper will be your best mate here, he is out there all the time so he will know what is working.
Good luck, let us all know how you get on .JonC
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