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I have a few questions about fixed spool rods if you'll indulge me.

Having used multis for years, I moved back to Fixed Spools loaded with braid about 18 months ago, finding that with 30lb braid on a FS I could outcast my other rods equipped with an Abu 6501C3 or Penn 525 Mag loaded with 15lb mono, plus be able to tackle the rough stuff that I used to go after with my SL20SH and 535 Mag loaded with 25lb mono. This was a boon for me as I like to get off of the beaten track whilst fishing and 3 mile hikes to marks aren't unusual, therefore to cut down to 2 rods/2 reels from 3-4 rods / 4 reels would save a lot of weight If I'm going on an all dayer to several venues.

I currently have 1 (cheapish Abu FS rod / Mustad reel) combo, but am looking to buy a new FS combo to complement this. I would consider myself a good match angler and average caster. What I would like to know is the following.

a, With the advent of fixed reel seats and reduction of Coasters in Multiplier rods, can a FS reel be used with a rod ringed for multipliers?

b, Is there a rod / reel combo that could be loaded with 30lb braid that would have good bite detection and enough grunt to handle medium to rough ground on occasion?

c, Also, rod needs to be a maximum of 12-13' long, as I fish of cliffs a fair bit that are a bit tight to cast from

d, Not too keen on being recommended a hernia pole meant for casting, got a free Penn PPT grouncaster with my Penn Viper and I think I've used it about a dozen times for close range work in very rough ground, as it felt like it was ripping my arms off when I put any power in it.

Given that I can fish in a days session an estuary, a shingle beach, a rock beach and off cliffs I am basically looking for a jack of all trades rod / fixed reel combo to a value of maximum £300. Has anybody got any ideas?

Not too sure about Penn equipment these days as I've had 2 rods snap on me, (admittedly the Surfblaster Guvnor FS was dropped, but the Viper went on a moderate cast for no apparent reason) and I killed a Surfmaster 70 within 8 months, even though I was cleaning / rinsing/ drying it. Having said that I wouldn't trade my 525/535s in for the world.

(Surfblaster/Surfmaster were my original braid FS set up)

EDIT. After answering the best bit of kit thread... If anyone knows of a rod that has a similar action to a Meta-Lite Standard rod that would be suitable for FS work then that would be an ideal suggestion!

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