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advice wanted for young anglers uncle!

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Hi all

I'm wondering if anyone has any advice on where I can take my 8 year old niece (and possibly her sister who is 4!) for a spot of fishing around the Porthcawl area? She's been asking me to take her for a while and now they're on summer holidays so it's the ideal time. I tend to fish rock marks these days and haven't fished a pier or breakwater for years. I am looking for somewhere which would not be a long walk and must be safe for kids. Also though I think it is important that I choose a mark where there is a good chance that she will catch something. I don't want her to get bored and put off straight away by not getting any knocks, and we all know how easily bored kids can get. (I know fish are never guaranteed these days but the more chance the better if you know what I mean!)

I have a 7ft rod and fixed spool set up for her that would be fine for float fishing and spinning and possibly light ledgering with a 2oz weight maximum. Can travel in either direction from Cardiff to Swansea area from Porthcawl.

Mackerel, pollack, whatever really to get her started, Also could take her out for a short session on a boat if anyone knows of short trips going out that can accommodate kids?

Any advice would be much appreciated


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i was down porthcawl pier on sunday caught 1 red gurnard in 18hrs i was the only 1 that caught nething i think i used nearly everybait u can think of apart from rag.if you go there i hope you have better luck than me.
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