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I know you are all going to tell me I'm wasting my money here but have anyone else on here got a Aihua reel?
I recently bought a Aihua CB50 multiplier from Ebay to use as a second or spare reel. With Christmas approaching and the sheckels in short supply I paid £25 inc P+P for it.
It looks the part and appears to be well built with a chrome plated brass cage and 3 bearings, it looks pretty much like an Abu 6500.
I took it up the local playing field and attached it to my carp rod which I use for bass fishing and tied on a 3oz weight. I was getting funny looks from dog walkers who probably thought 'he'll never catch anything in this field'.
Anyway after a few adjustments it performed pretty well and i was hitting 75yds with ease and no birdsnests.
It did sound a bit dry so I took it home, oiled it and went back up there and I was getting an extra 10yds with the reel sounding a lot smoother.
I'm now looking forward to using it on the water.
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