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Out on the good ship Waca- all 12 rowed feet of her- this weekend- drifting between Reculver and the Whitstable street. Extremely high dickski count around the Bay- my favourite being an articulate young man who stopped off the Towers heading east at speed and asked how much farther it was to Herne Bay as he had to be "up in tarn" for 6. I was going to let him blast onwards to Belgium but being the kind soul i am pointed him back towards the Bay. Anyways- back to the matter at hand-
1) How many seals are there around at the moment?? At least four were going up and down the Whitstable Street chasing the schoolies so bugger all to catch there...saw three earlier off the Black Rock...are there more of them or less fish offshore so they are coming in closer- or are there more fish thus more seals???
2) saw the largest school of small bass so far this summer roughly off the Rand way- about 400m out- they came past like a freight train chasing fry- had three on the fly from the boat- all small- but couldn't get em in and off quick enough to stay with the shoal-the surface looked like a mini-whirlpool as they moved-magic. Not sure if any of the lads were off the beach at them farther back- seems to be a bit quieter in general off the shore than it was two weeks ago...maybe the schoolies have wised up and stay that little bit further off in day light.
3) Still the odd mullet about- but the light needs to be right- as the sun dropped they showed themselves but not in the numbers of a week or two ago- think the schools have broken up a bit-or been hit by netters.
4) No mackerel....

Anyways a cracking day all in all-if anyone else goes self-powered fishing off the bay or down thanet way (rowed/kayaking) would be happy to share notes..esp anyone else stupid/brave enough to fling fluff whilst trying to paddle a small boat.
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