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I fished Aldeburgh the week before last and I meant to write a report but I, and my computer, have been ill since I returned! Bad back and Trojans are no fun!

I fished Aldeburgh twice a day in various parts. I only blanked fishing the river, on a dropping tide into the teeth of a gale! Otherwise I did not blank but only caught Pouts and whiting both at distance (mine is about 80yds max.) and in the surf. The lattter was great fun with a feeder rod and small hooks. They took rag/lug and mackeral strips. I tried using the pouts live for bass but to no avail. I found out that the 'Dirty Wall' was in fact the top of the rough causeway along the top of the sea wall itself having spent the first part of the week looking fruitlesly for ... yes a dirty bit of sea wall!

The Martello Tower was scenically wonderful to fish being set out from the town and the tide set a little stronger. The Town Beach (North of the 'parked' boats was also good but the star place with fish giving themselves up was in front of the last Hotel (South end) Not only was it close to the road (Crag Path) it was closest to the house we'd taken and had a large security light which made headlights obselete!

I got to the river on the landward side of the Dirty Wall by taking the last road right upon driving South down the High Street. After passing a school I took a left immedietly down pat an old fire station and an allotment. This led to a very bumpy path through riverside field to a clearing near an access set of steps. I fished between the moored boats and the shore and found a very muddy mussel bed. Unfortuneately It was well into the ebb and I was caught on a leeshore without a paddle. Wear wellies!!

The Tackle/bait shop at Saxmundham was excellent, but late in the week for fresh bait. The shop backs onto the carpark at the end of the high street.

Better than last year but once the sea calms down there's got to be good Bass sport judging by the shoals of Pout etc. already there. However, if all else fails, sample the local Fish and Chips, it rivals some well known Yorkshire chippies!

Many thanks to Simon from the BSAC for all his help.
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