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Is oil in the carb bowl, being 25:1 mix if fuel is left in the carb when you stop it, the petrol evaporates leaving the oil in there, when you next try to start it, it pulls the oil straight into the cylinder & oils up the plug!
Always switch off the fuel & run it until it stops, being air cooled you dont have to be in the water to do this. I had one for years on my Shetland 535, once I "sussed out" this little dodge, & cut a lump out of the engine cover to get at the carb bowl, the little motor was "bombproof" brought us home a couple of times when we needed it, & it was good for trolling although a touch noisy!;)
bullet proof little motor, and i doubt anyone will moan about the noise when these things get you out of trouble,nice dodge with the engine cover blueskip,i did the same on a penta
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