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Thanks for having me back lads, thought I'd chuck this in for what it's worth

If you were a huge bass past breeding age... you'd retire, where better than a nice conveyor belt of food coming your way...

Mouths of estuaries produce huge bass...fact!!

A real bass angler would be stupid to ignore this!?

Packed with crab, prawn and bait all getting sucked out into the sea....

Nope, let's make it hard and fish through 100s of sub 8lb bass to chance on a really good one on the open coast... why???

Why would you do that? If you've got your eyes set on a lunker then you better start fishing in an estuary or you better start looking at tidal drangs like half of dorset....essencially the biggest push of tidal water bringing bait close to casting range cause of that thing called the Isle of White...

Biggest 'estuary' movement of water and tide in the country...probably the world!!!

Look at the navionics charts and look at the depth of water and direction of tidal flow and you start to to wonder why more big fish arnt caught.... chesil chucks up a few... should be one a week if it was fished properly

Now let's talk about doubles...

A double in Cornwall is worth 10 doubles in dorset!!! Estuary or not, fact!!

And then there's the pretend doubles... what does that do? Make up a 10lb+ fish?... why? No accusation here by the way, half the double figure bass claimed are bullshit 8lbers

Anyway I'll leave you with one of the best of cornwalls doubles from last year...

View attachment 1377371
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View attachment 1377371 View attachment 1377372 View attachment 1377372

p.s. Good to be back out of prison 😉

Catch up soon all the best J
All the biggest bass in essex have come from the Blackwater estuary
Biggest I know of is 18lb plus with loads of others
Now it's bare as a baby's arse
Netters have killed it stone dead

Rip the blackwater
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