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Alnmouth River Info

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Last time I was in Alnmouth I was on the point on the right hand end of the beach at high water and it looked only to be about a 40 - 50 yard chuck to get it into the main channel of the river. The water looked like it was bubbling as it was rushing through there and it looked a very inviting spot.
I was also in Alnmouth in July last year (bloody boiling hot it was - gorgeousgot a parking ticket though:doh: ) and the river at low water was packed with sandeels and small bait fish as there were big flocks of gulls and terns working the river towards the sea - so there was obviously a lot of stuff there for the gulls to feed on.
All these things considered does anyone fish that spot in the summer at high water cos it looks like it should be a top mark especially with a bit of a rough on the water and looked so like it should be full of fish that I would be very interested to know if it gets fished and if it does what bait do you use. Seems like sandeel might be a top choice but has anyone any info please - Cheers :g:
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Its supposed to be a good flounder mark from what Ive read.Not 100% but I think thats where they go/used to go flounder trampling.
Caught some lovely flattiess there in the summer months, also caught a few bass of the front.
A good mark for big flatties to over 2lb with plenty of fish there. I find that it fishes best around the mouth on the flood. Best baits are crab, however i have taken fish there on just mackerel and herring, the kebab method can work well there. For a bit more sport i fish with a bass rod and f/s reel, or even drop down to a carp rod. Try using a two hook flapper or a one up, one down rig with either a 3oz watch lead or a star lead, experiment by using different combinations of beads and attractors and see which works best for you.
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