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Take the rod with you , make sure it fits in the case , add a reel , hooks , weights , floats and you'r good to go . When she is talking about holidays , I always think about fishing and we have to be close to the sea . Last week we went to Tenerife .
The minute you step down that plane 2000 miles later you can feel the warmth . I went straight down the rocky shore . Rocky means rocky there , no flip flops , just proper boots .

3 minutes walk from the place I started to explore , looking for some fish . It looks rough but it's actualy warm !
For bait I used frozen raw prawns , drop shotting a 5 gr weight or simply using 4 BB ( less snagging )
More info there :
Had a few species trying different area and climbing up and down the cliffs . The most common was the ornate wrasse .

The Damsel fish was close behind .

From time to time I would use the Bombarda float , you can launch it far out .

Managed some new species that way . boga fish

Some intriguing looking fish .
White sea bream .

Had some fun in the rock pool .

Small goby .

I also used the isome worms , little bits of scented worms , they did work well .
Still early in the season I was hoping for more species and only managed 5 . Something much bigger stripped my line and eventualy cut it . I know there are much bigger fish out there . Anyway I hope you enjoyed the post . Not much to do with Scotland in general but next time you'r off somewhere nice and warm , just pack the little rod with you .......

Cracking little island .

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awesome Nic, that wee damsel fish is a belter.
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