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Well having seen the depressing lack of catch reports on WSF for a while I thought I should try to do something about it.....

Myself and a friend after hours of deciding where to blank last night headed to the western side of the Hamble River mouth, by the marina and gun point, armed with only a couple of hundred maddies which were dug that afternoon (should have been dug on Wednesday night but got caught out by the wind driven tides :doh: ). Arrived at just gone 8pm to find the tide already along way in, wind was reasonable but full in the face. :cold: The plan was to catch fish, not blank and have fun, so out with the petrol lamp to keep warm and on went a two hook flapper equipped with size 6 Kamasans loaded with 7 or 8 maddies on each and a 5oz plain lead. My other rod went out with a 3 hook size 4 flapper attached to a 5oz gripper again baited with maddies, my friend used size 2 and 1's. I started to catch almost from the off with small pins and checkers being caught at short range of about 50yrds. After I landed about 6 or 7 fish and my friend catching nothing he was very quick on the uptake of the offer of some size 6 hooks , oh and could he also "borrow" some line and if it wasn't too much trouble to tie them on as well!!!!! :whistling After that change he was quickly into the fish as well. Fished till about 23:30, no crabs and next to no weed.

My size 6's for the night between us counted for over 20 pins/checkers averaging 6-8" and even lip hooked a bass of just over 2lbs that put up a very spirited fight for myself. :). The larger hooks probably only accounted for less than 5 fish, so as far as I can conclude if you want to avoid the blank go buy smaller hooks!

P.S. It must have been cold in the car park as many of the other car occupants seemed to have resorted in tilting back the drivers seat and obviously doing some kind of press ups to keep warm! :busted_co
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