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Managed to get out of Christchurch as soon as the tide started to rise, not the best tide times but better than no fishing. Missed the early morning, in my mind, the best time to spin for Bass. A few boats fishing the rising tide over the ledge, including a couple of commercials. Tried all manner of lures, depth, speed, retrieve.. Nothing.. A couple of fruitless, but fun, hours. As tide slackened re-baited the pots, 3 large edible brown crabs. Perfect!

Gave up on the Bass and went deeper for a few Mackerel. A couple of good fish quickly followed by lots and lots of joeys... Tide now running, a bit of wind over tide, and roughing up over Christchurch head. Joey, sliding float, 4\0. circle hook. Perfect... Drifted a few times with live bait, but not a single touch.

Change of tactic (and a dead Joey), drift a fillet…. Bang… Boat going West, fish going East at pace in 9 Ft of water. Great scrap, Bass 3kg ( 6.9lbs) in the net.

Reset the drift, new fresh fillet. Bang... And other fish going the opposite direction, but sadly, in haste to get back fishing, didn’t check gear properly, hook and line departed, curly line end.. Poor fishing…

Tried a few more times, but had to get in. A fantastic fun day, a bit of everything, a decent fish for the table, a couple of Maccy for lunch tomorrow, and crabs now cooling ready to be picked….

p.s. its a size 12 flip flop !!
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