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anchor please..

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hi.. how is it best to protect your bow when hauling the anchor aboard..from a hatch or behind a guard rail...are bow plates freely avaliable or are they custom built,is there other ways to protect your bow from getting a clout fron the anchor..
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Hi Eggy,
I steam mine out with the Alderney Method then pull it in from over the quarter,..Coil rope into one of those B&Q big tubs and stick anchor in the tub ,Dhan bouy just hangs over the side maybe inboard if room and steaming.
PM me about whether you want the Transom Pan ********** is traveling down past where I live and going to Dover so maybe you could pick it up,will have to Comm with ********** for it is 3rd Oct when he is traveling.
hi,, at the moment i do use the aldernay to the deck..but im making plans and would like to know wether when hauling from a front hatch or behind a guard rail on a walk around how do you stop the anchor bashing into the bow when its coming out of the sea .i was looking round my marina and not many boats have bash plates even though clearly some front winch and recover from the bow..does the anchor not hit the boat then?...
My Anchor is a grapnel type and heavy with 5m of 10mm galv chain and is heavy to pull up verticaly and doesn,t hit the boat.
If you have a tripping line use it to drag over the side of the boat,although my boat has a rope locker on the bow I never use it for to recover your anchor whilst stood on your foc,sle even with bow rails is a bit dangerous and to pull your anchor up all the way off the bow is impossible if you are out on your own,...even if you have a houdini hatch the boat will be down by the head and not a good possition to put yourself in,....only if the WX is calm ,however when it blows up abit your best bet is to keep at you controls and steam your anchor up and pull it over the side of your boat which is a one man job,even with two of you you want your boat rigging so you don,t have to rely on anyone else the same goes for launch/retreive do it all on you own then when extra crew it is a bonus,I know that you are berthed in a Marina and dont have the dangers of Launch/retrieve but do you get my drift so,s to speak...

I saw a video of liam Dale who says that those flat flip over type anchors are prone to kiting in the tide when pulling your anchor and often hit the underside of the hull but the grap nel one I use doesn,t suffer from this kiting.

Just my veiw and way of doing things ,hope it helped.
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Andy's question was about hull protection not the merits of different recovery methods, and I don't want to get into a discussion regarding the safety/dangers of various anchor retrieval methods as it's all been discussed on here before (and I purposely avoid the topic) - but suffice to say I retrieve from the safety of a houdini hatch, with a safety line attached if appropriate, always with a properly equipped lifejacket on, and if it was rough enough or looked liked getting rough for water to come through the hatch, I wouldn't anchor in the first place - to be honest by the time it was rough enough for that to be an issue with my boat, it would be very uncomfortable to be at anchor anyway.

Fair Enough Clinker,..I,ve never seen one of those Bow protectors on boats where I launch from...
If the Boat has a houdini just pull the rope into the cabin deck and stow it into the locker when the anchor is safely stowed that,s how I have done it,,,,Easy Peasy.

However If you have No houdini,steam it out and stow in the safety of the deck...

I have seen people anchored in the Humber and they have been pulling their anchor from the bow and it looked down right pracarious for you need both hands ,but we wont get into that one again.
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