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AnchormanIII 24/7/07(fully booked)

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Hi everyone!..

I have 0 Spaces available on Board Anchorman3 on the 24th of July..and we will be going out After the Tope..

PLEASE NOTE..this is on a Tuesday!..and if i dont have any interest in a few weeks,,I will cancel..As i know the Majority of people have work Commitments,,etc..

So its purely Experimental..

Price is £28 plus £2 £30 altogether,,I will need FULL payment of your place on the boat beforehand!! be sure if you can make it!...As once you have made the commitment,,its not refundable!!..i still Have to pay for the boat regardless if you turn up or not!!

Mackeral,Squid,Ragworm are a good idea for baits..but take what you fancy,,(crab/sandeel/razorfish etc..)

ken Davidson
Penn 525
Penn 525's mate
Steve W

As you've seen from Previous reports,we always have a cracking day out..Sense of humour is a MUST!!.
Please let me Know if your interested..(and wont back out!! )

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dont think i can make this, as i am on the benjoma on the 13th, take a rain check.
interested in the cod trips later on though if you are chartering.
you sure you got your dates right marcus???im out on the 20th and thats a friday.or cant i understand the post???
Whoops...i mistyped there..

Its on a tuesday
thank god for that,i thought id got my trip wrong!!!
I might be able to make this mate? If theres enough to go i could get the day off work. If there no interest in the next week i will see if i can make one of the other trips!!
So i guess no one wants to go Toping Midweek??..I know its a pain that this is midweek,,but the Neep tides,(which are best for toping) seem to be midweek this year..

Ill leave this up for another 2 weeks...if no one is interested,ill cancel it..


marcus what sort of rod and reel would u want for it??a few of us may decided to come since we have finished school but it depends on tackle and wether or not we would be able to get transpost to bridgend.i will have a word with the other lads first though, so dont put us down yet
Uptiders dude...with a 7000 reel..25lb line...7/0-8/0 hooks on wire trace..

let me know soon if you can

ok il have a word with the lads tonight see if they fancy it
i would love to go, the onlt problem is getting down there from tenby as you can imagine our parents wouldnt want to take us there especially mid week. if there is a solution to this then we would seriously consider it...
Learn to Drive!!??:unsure: :secret: :g:
hi marcus, doesnt look like we can make it due to transport, but we will come on any trips after june from hobbs or neyland or anywhere near
we are not old enough yet marcus lol october codking can drive so he will be doing a lot of lifts hehehe
i mite be up for it, put me down temp-orerily, cans see wurk being a problem!!!
Hi Marcus
Fished with codeye joe on Saturday aboard the Anchorman III, he mentioned that you run trips etc. I may be interested for the Tope trip. Keep me posted.
Ok mate..Keep an eye out for dates..

Will do, if I know the trip is on I will get the day off as I fancy a tope session, I will also ask a few of the lads on Friday night if they fancy it.

i know im a newbie but id love to put my name down i have fished on the boats since i was eleven and regularyly outfished the most exprinced anglers.
Like i said,,,i will book this if people are interested..But with Payment up front only!!...

So,If your up for it,,say for definate!,,and i will Pm you my address and phone to send payment!..


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