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Sorry a bit late posting. Me and Benjos arrived at Anchorsholme at about half 8. Sea was flat calm. Pumped some worms and chucked one rod a piece out with worm baits and one a piece with sandeel/squid. Benjos was first in with a tope pup. I quickly followed with a small bass and then a tope pup of my own (both new species for me, so well pleased!). Benjos then got a Doggy. The tope and doggy were both caught on fish baits and thats first time we've seen fish baits outfish worms at anchorsholme. We fished til about 4am, with only other fish being a pin whiting for me.
Only other highlight being a couple who showed up and the bloke started photographing the woman, we thought we were in for a bit of a show, however the lass needed a p!$$ and subsequently squatted at side of the car, fair play to the bloke, he kept snapping!!!!
Nice night to be out, just a shame we didnt get more fish!
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