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Sunday, 7am, the "three stooges" Roddy, Mike and myself meet at Solent Warrior.

After the previous Sundays trip, we had a few point to prove. The excuse for being light on fish on that trip? . . . . it was a shake down trip, we were fishing the ebb, and frankly, I was rusty, not having fished seriously as 'skipper' for almost 18 months. So SW was fired up, the old Dorset Ford, puffed her fog of white smoke, suffocating Roddy and Mike . . . :oops: the wind, what there was was on the transom:uhoh: Dorset Fords all do it, but clear very quickly to the merest puff of white exhaust mixed with water.

We arrived at the Towers by just after 8am, I had cheated, the week before, as we passed a boat that was still at anchor and had been, for us, frustratingly waving the landing net around all day, as I passed over close to where I estimated his anchor was, I took a note of the numbers:sneaky2: I know, 'sneeky'. Not entirely an unscrupulous individual, this week I did have a serch around, I found the bank shown on the chart, and a patch of rough ground at its base, this corresponded so close to the numbers allowing for anchor rope etc, :yahoo: anchor's away!!!

Fishing the last hour of the Ebb, produced 3 nice Roka and any number of doggies!!! It took an hour for us to swing into the new Flood tide, doggies, loads of doggies, what a wast of good bait!! After an hour, one became aware of the gurgling sound as the tide picks up, then came the first cod :clap2: the first of 8. We returned 2, in December they would have been kept, they were in size, but we were on a roll, the six we kept were 5 to 6 pounders.

I also had a smoothound, I'd been crab picking the night befor, so with the hope of a few smoothies . . . not a touch, give it a few weeks??? Back to the unwashed squid and the cod.

How long are these cod going to stay, other boats came to the Towers marks and had their share. Some had more Roka than cod, one or two were moaning about the predominance of doggies, woof, woof :p :laugh:

Great day afloat for me and my two mates, one down side, the winch packed up!!! No disaster, just the aggravation of finding why and fixing it, but thats boat.

Pictures? I dont want to be slated for having 6 Cod in a box, they were plump and produced some excellent fillets, so here is a picture of the frozen fillets :icecream:

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