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View attachment 1120251 hi all
im new to sea fishing having only really taken a keen interest from early this year.
had the chance to get to angelsey for a couple of days fishing this weekend so thought i would start at gallows point for low tide and fish until Malcoms shop opened for me to get some bait other than the mackerel i had got from asda.
I got there at 07:00 ish and was greeted by a fantastic sunrise.


Started fishing using a pulley pennel with mackerel as bait, was hoping to get a ray as i have had thornbacks from this mark earlier in the year, within 5 minutes i had my first bite of the day which felt heavy but not heavy enough for a ray, and so started the run of the dogs.
20180928_080334-Exposure - Copy.jpg

dont get me wrong, i love catching dogs but they were coming out every 5 to 10 mins and there were no rays in sight.
after 2 and half hours of pulling dogs out ( 12 by this point ) the tide was now on the rise and i decided to call it quits for this mark and go get some bait from malcoms.
Headed over to Moelfre to spend the rest of the day. Sticking to the pulley pennel but now with a choice of bait i loaded with squid heads and threw out as far as i possibly could in the distant hope that there might b e the odd hungry smooth hound still around, ten minutes later my rod was quivering, thought my bait would have been to big for whiting but they had other ideas.

Feeling confident as i had landed plenty of fish so far i carried on with the pulley pennel and squid heads ( still after my first smoothy ) managed to get plent of dogs out which was fun but nothing else coming out for me.

this is how my day carried on, i was having tons of fun but only getting dogs and whiting.
Headed off to get some tea and returned as dusk was approaching, moved to a 1 up 1 down rig with squid on up and changing between rag and lug on down, dogs and whiting were still coming out, ended the day having landed over 30 dogs and around 20 whiting, head down in b&b to get myself an early start saturday morning.
Was again greeted by an amazing sunrise as i head back to the rocks at Moelfre.

Started the day with a 3 hook flapper using lug and rag and the first catch of the day really suprised me as it was a first for me and not something i would have ever expected to catch.

i found this amazing and this gave me a really good buzz, after this the day continued as previously with more dogs and whiting.

the tide was now rising with some speed and no matter what i threw in i could not hold the bottom ( 6oz grippers being swept away )
As i knew i was going to be traveling home soon i thought i would give a final try on the left hand side of the rocks at Moelfre and as a cherry on the cake for a lovely weekend away i got the first wrasse that i have ever had from Moelfre on sabiki tipped with rag.

All in all had a brill weekends fishing and cant wait to get back out again asap.
Tight Lines all,
If the images on this dont show can someone please explain how i put photos into my posts :)

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Fantastic photos there Tony, the colours are really vibrant. Good read mate, cheers for posting and interesting to hear about the rays.
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Your images are on ok, by the look of them a great weekend.
Thanks Dave,
it was great to meet you there and thanks for all of the advice ( and your patience as you were showing me how to cast )
I had a couple more dogs on the razor clam that you gave me aswell.
will be looking for a kastking multipier now to add to my tackle box.
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