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Angler fish

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Somebody a while back asked where they can catch angler fish from the shore.
I was nosing around some dive sites when I found this concerning the wreck in Oxwich.
Ship's name: The Solar (but everyone calls it the Oxwich
wreck). Careful about currents around Oxwich Bay. Just about
shore diveable at low water (long walk, for the heroic only).
Fair population of Angler Fish, but you have to look closely
to see them. Excellent night dive - the bioluminescence
is exceptional. The tidal range at Swansea is very large,
and the beach at Oxwich shallow - there are times when
a fast walk won't keep up with the tide, so it's very easy
to get boats stranded/kit washed away.
The rest of the comments are worth a read to did not realise someone died on it, also that it is full of beer and whisky
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dont let brand read the comment about the big conger that "greets you"on the wreck!
:clap3: thanks for that,really interesting.
Found another site and they reckon they had a bbq on the beach with lobster, crab etc but they also speared a monkfish off the point which they cooked.
hey loadsa, it was me who wanted to be able to catch a angler fish, it is one of my targets of my lifetime fishing, if i accomplish this within a year i will be very suprised but the information is very interesting indeed. thanx for your help for me to catch one of these ugly monsters.
If i recall correctly an Angler fish in doubles figures was caught off slip at knab rock quite a few years ago Bluey can you shed some more light on this?
really? thats good, yeh pls do tell me more if you can.
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