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If you are looking to catch a few bass,(not sure why anyone would fish for doggies) 3 good spots around anglsey that 8 of you can fish:-

1/ Penmon point, its a tackle graveyard but its what you have to put up with if you want a biggie, using a rotten bottom will minimise your losses, use either peeler or live sandeel , with rag if you cant get any,( Malcolm,s shop is in the garage forcourt as you enter beumarris) and he sometimes has live eel etc.

2/ the swellies similar to penmon as it also is a tackle graveyard but holds some monster fish.(the swellies is the area between the 2 road bridges over the straits)

3/ molfra ,when you walk down the path past the lifeboat station go a: right, and join the throng feathering for macs or
b:left and walk along the footpath to the top of the hill andTry float fishing at high water with ragworm for some big pollock and a few wrass.

hope this helps,have a great trip,and enjoy. I love the place.
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