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For my recommendation, there are 3 great spots, first is point Lynas look on OS map between Moelfre and Amlwch, go to Port Eilian, Up in the car towards the lighthouse, park on the RHS of the track and head over the field to approx GR 483929, here you'll find a safeish fishing platform into very deep water. 50 meter cast, 4 oz lead, no grippers, bait mackerel strip or better frozen sandeel...doggies and pollock reign supreme here. Second is off the rocks at Moelfre GR 517867, same baits could also try lug, good fishing but not as good as the first place.
Final spot is on "the pebbly beach" at penmon point, to the left of the lighthouse
GR638813...can also get bass / makerel here, it's a bit safer footing at this spot also, again deep water close in. Not fished any of this spots for a year, but always had fun. Personal record at point Lynas is 10 in 3 hours ( 8 doggies 2 pollock) ...Enjoy and be safe.
Had a great day today at the first mark. We fished 3 Hrs before Hight tide (10 AM) to Low water on a normal tide ( eg not a neap or spring tide). Had Polock, Mackrel, Balan Rass with Black lug the bate of the day. I tried soft crab, Squid and Mackrel on the bottom in combo and floted but no luck. Did a little spinning with various plugs and simple spinner but again no luck ( probily my skill level with the buggers). Good spot and great directions.

Ps: Noticed new mussle beads at the low water mark, might be worth trying for Cod in winter on the mark.
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