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My wife and I are having our annual week down in Beer from 4 September and I have always fancied giving live prawn ago on float tactics. I have seen local guys catch quite a few bass using this approach. Could some kindly person please let me know how and where it would be best to try to collect some live prawns from - pm me if you don't want to advertise a favourite spot.

We will also try fishing Seaton beach at some point probably during the day as the missus doesnt like the dark!! Any news on how the beach is fishing would be helpful - although my guess that during the day it will be tough and tides don't look too great either. Last year the beach was unfishable due to weed for pretty much the whole week.

I will be having a trip out with Kim one day hoping for some late bream - I have not seen any posts on the boats from Beer for a while anyone know if Kim and Cyril are getting amongst them.

Thanks for your help

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