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Another good sess on the Mullet tonight

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Had another bash on the Mullet tonight with Matt.
Fishing was slow with bites pretty much non existant for the first hour.
We originally had plans to fish for the Mullet for an hour then go onto the Bass after dark.
We were just debating the second option when I hooked into a mullet.
Not a big one but enough to make us stay for a bit longer.
Next thing Ive made a comment saying that there must be a shoal of tiddlers down there when I hooked into something a lot larger.
After a long,tense fight that lasted a good half an hour I coaxed it to the waiting net.
Matt announced that it was a huge fish and it certainly was.
I was unable to weigh it as my scales decided to pack up but we both agreed that it was in excess of 6lb.

Now we were definately staying for a bit.
The bites kept on coming thick and fast and I was pulling them in like mackerel.
A much smaller stamp of fish but we missed some cracking bites which led us to believe that there were more monsters down there.
Over the next two hours or so I pulled in another seven fish.
Matt was having one of those nights where he was doing everything right but the fish were having a laugh at his expense.
He hooked into a few but they all managed to shake the hook straight away.
He managed to land one but I could feel his pain as he missed bite after bite.
Dont worry Matt weve all been there.
My time was up so I headed home leaving Matt down there to have a go on the Bass.
Hopefully he will put up a report tomorrow with pics of a big fish.
Some more pics.................................

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what rig set up do you use for mullet
6lb mono,waggler float,size 8 sakuma manta hook.

Click on the group (mad for mullet) the link at the bottom of my post.

All the info you may need on there.
Great sesion..great report...and what a great fish!
Richy you deserved that monster, easily 6 pound I would say!!! stunning fish!! fingers crossed matt gets a nice bass!!! well done!!
Only a matter of time till a fish that size came out for one of you, nice going:thumbs:
Hi richy,yes it,s the time of year when the mullet can sense a change in the weather.The bigger fish seem to go into a "bit of" a frenzy(last feed before going to deeper water).There,s every chance of a double now,will eagerly look at your reports,best of luck.
Well done Rich you聮ve put the hours in and got you reward, fingers crossed for a few more before the end of the season.

My luck didn聮t improve bud, fished it till 3am lost 1 small Bass before I could reach for the net. Lol! and managed to find the snottys with the last one managing to destroy my set up. :yucky:

Back down there tonight I think.
can anybody suggest anywhere local to me i could try for a last fling at the mullet before i put the gear away. not heard of anything or anyone fishing swansea for a while for the mullet
Well done boys, won't be long richly before a double is being held for some pics, cracking fish can't fault mulleting hopefully next year I'll have a crack at them in the local estuaries
another great report and session rich. gonna target them next year on a fly rod and well done on sticking at it mat :thumbs:
I've tried Barry dock but only small fish showing .. were you guys down there or at some other location??
Wow rich, that looks an easy 6, I'd think 7lb?? Either way a cracker! You've been well overdue a biggie. Hard lines Matt, you'll pull one next time, just one of those nights.
Top sess guys and a mullet that has been long overdue. Top darts :thumbs:
great report and pics amazing how powerful these fish are i am on 52 this year and next year i should break through 600 also my wife and son have caught 20 this year
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