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Following on from last weeks report, my mates missus still hasnt dropped so we fished the same mark as last week (somewhere between ogmore & barry lol).

Weather was very similar to last week, dry, reasonably calm, slight swell on incoming tide, very flat on outgoing tide.

First bait was in water an hour before high. Some lads who were already there were pulling in regular schoolies on ragworm but we were using larger fish/squid baits.

High water came and went without any fish landed just a few small knocks. I had already anticipated that we wouldnt get much action until closer to low water so wasnt too downbeat.

As the night wore on, all other fishermen around us packed up and left so we had the venue to ourselves again, ideal. Despite no success for the first 4 hours, I knew our chances were increasing with the outgoing tide and stuck to the baits that served us so well last week - mainly squid and sandeel.

I was reward about 3 hours before low with a tasty sized 2lb 13oz bass. Yum.

My mate then followed this up with a bass of about a pound, returned.

Action then started to hot up, with regular bites. Next up was a Small eyed ray 8lb 13oz a new PB, didnt seem to fight as well as the 8lber from last week mind, maybe im getting stronger with all these fish lately, lol!!

Still stuck to same bait (why change if its working!) and had tiny taps for about 5 mins, thought it was crabs dismantling my squid bait so reeled in and found a pouting of about 1/2lb on my whole squid!

3 species down.

not long after (about hour before low) I had a good scrap and got quite excited only to bring in a dogfish when i was expecting a pb bass.

Then conger central happened! Huge knock on my rod that went to ground almost instantly on striking. I left the rod on the stand for 5 mins to see if the fish ventured out but no such luck, had to pull for a release only for the hook to straighten, at least i didnt lose my leader etc. Within minutes my mate had exactly the same occur to him, fish went to ground sooo quickly. He wasnt so lucky, leader, rig etc lost.

Ten minutes later had another good little scrap and landed a small strap of about 2lb! my first ever conger.

I was on form at this point and beginning to annoy my mate when I was into another hell of a fight. wasnt letting this one go to ground. Was hoping for an even bigger ray but as it broke the surface we could see it was my 2nd ever conger. Bit bigger this time 5lb 3oz and a good fighter too.

It was starting to get light again at this point so we decided we best get back to bed. But we will return again soon to our new favourite venue which seems to be producing more than elsewhere at the moment. Although I will say, it is definately an advantage to be able to cast a reasonable distance to be in the fish here.

Final Tally

conger about 2lb
conger 5lb 3oz
Dogfish about 2lb
Small Eyed Ray 8lb 13oz
Pouting about 1/2lb
Bass 2lb 13oz




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Nice varied session - cant fault it :clap:

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Variety is the spice of life good session:punk:
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