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After 7 months of zero dangling, I finally dusted the tackle off and got myself down to Hythe yesterday afternoon (Sunday).
Planning and timing were far from ideal. I cobbled together a box of rusty rigs and mouldy reel cases and after failing to find a car parking space near Fishermans Beach, we set up beside Marine Parade. We fished from 3pm down to low (6pm) and 1.5 hours up. So mostly fishing in daylight. We left just when we really should have been arriving......
I didn't expect much in the way of results, but as per other recent reports, the fish were still around in daylight. We caught Whiting, Pouting, Dabs, 5 Bearded Rockling and Dogfish. All fish were tiddlers, expect one half decent Doggie. Fortunately most fish were nicely hooked, including the Dabs - which makes a change! So they all went happily back to the sea, except one doggie who had clearly lost his bearings and beached himself a few times and had to be helped back out.
It was a beautiful afternoon to ease back into some fishing, with sunshine, ice cream and a few obliging fish.

I tried and failed yet again to catch something on sand eel - one day I will.......

Most successful bait was plain old black lug, a score lasted all afternoon as they were a good size and could be easily halved. We also tried mackeral, squid and sand eel in various combo's.

Casting short was more successful, I snagged a few times and lost one set of gear at distance - and didn't get any bites further out. I did find a replacement lead and rig at low tide whilst collecting discarded line - Bonus!!

Hoping to get out again soon and catch a Codling or two before they disappear.

Roll on the next session, for which I will be organised and will be in darkness!!


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Well done on finding a few, it's been hit and miss recently but if you do fish after dark this time of the year you can usually expect twice the ammount of fish especially Dogfish which can go crazy over Sandeel sometimes, I find half a large Lug tipped with half a sandeel or 1 small one works well sometimes. There's been some posts lately about bad treatment of Dogfish which is nothing new, at least it proves that most of us care about the well being of fish and the reputation on anglers. Good Luck.
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