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I have a Garmin 450s on the boat and to be honest the screens a bit to small so I was thinking about upgrading and just using the Garmin as a sounder.

Looking at all the available plotters is mind boggling. I just want a basic plotter with a biggish screen and a decent resolution for daylight viewing. I don't need the all singing dancing add ons etc.
As long as I çan get a decent chart loaded for the Irish sea, specifically the Solway Firth, plot a few way points etc that would do.

I was thinking about something along the lines of a 10 inch plus screen although I did come accross a Humminbird 95cc 8 inch wide screen at a decent price...Are they any good?
I've also got a laptop with a set of raster charts loaded but the resolution isn't very good and its not the easiest of things to use bumping along at 20+ knots.

Like I say i'm not wanting to pay a fortune for extras/facilities I'm not gonna use.

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