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Another poor day.

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After blanking at yesterdays match, thought it would be a good idea to take my remaining crab bait to one of my favourite shore marks, and catch a decent fish or two. But it wasn't to be. 45 mile round trip, 4 mile walk, for next to nothing return.Yet it was enjoyable as sun shone brightly and I was out of the wind. Only had a short day, began an hour into the ebb, sea quite clear and flat as a billiard table, After an hour without a bite, shirt off for a bit of sunbathing, almost asleep when ratchet on reel screamed. Jumped up, grabbed the rod only to find I had caught a shelduck. Reeled it in and as not sure whether these birds bite or not, covered its head with a towel and cut off the braid which had wrapped round it. It flew away unharmed. After that excitemet only caught one flounder during the rest of the session. Knew it was a bit early for this mark, just did'nt think it would be as poor as what it was. Hope to squeeze in one more shore session before next Mondays boat trip out of Stranraer.
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Not such a good day dab hand, but at least you never blanked mate. Hope you put the shelduck on the species list, I think i have caught and returned a few species of bird now, although i kept the one im staying with, lol....:)
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