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Another seeing to

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Bradwell report 28th August 2010

Another crappy day weather wise, we banked on it being calmish due to the forecast聮s issued by Guru and XC, BUT THEY WERE WAY OFF THE MARK. Whats new?? Steve, Alan, Peter, and self had a late start due to the tides being awkward, got away about 9-30am, taking note of the propaganda posted about loads of small codling off Clacton we followed the North shore of the Blackwater then across the mouth of the Colne and up the beach to Clacton pier. Never saw a mark on the fishfinder the whole way absolute desolate. Tried close in for an hour ZILCH, the went out towards the windfarm, but as we got further south so the sea got rougher, we stopped short of the Gunfleet bank and decided that was far enough. The fishing was slow to say the least, we had three of these

and Three of these

not impressed!! Hopefully things will get a little better and either summer will return 聯INDIAN STYLE聰 or Autumn will get a move on and the species that go with it return in force.

Thanks again for your company Alan and Peter, and the sausages and bacon. At least we did not go hungry.
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Well done boys. Thinking of you whilst ducking bottles and being called names I hardly knew the meaning of. Carnivaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.
and that was on the police transport yes?? I remember those days, mind you it was nice and quiet once we debussed.
Usual good report, did timothy managed to get out with you?
If he did he kept a low profile!!
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