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Another tough day on the boat!

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Not too sure if its worth posting the bad trips but here goes anyway.

After two weeks wheeling and dealing trying to get an auxiliary motor for the strike liner i eventually managed to get out on 'sea trials' took a rod or two of course, just in case they'd come in handy:)

It was a bit choppy first thing with the tide racing through the 'roads' causing a fair swell, i managed to push through it but it was still uncomfortable on the other side so i decided to stay local and just fish around the islands.

There were stories of a few mackerel showing so i strung up some feathers and immediately caught three small mackerel and a small pollock on the first drop, then i caught absolutely nothing for a few hours, despite moving around a fair bit.

I eventually found a few fish on my LBF rod (lrf really but beefed up slightly for the boat) fishing a grass minnow i caught a few small pollock and a small codling (a first for me on that kit) that spot died so i started drifting with a string of small hokkais (12's) a few whiting and a tiny gurnard left me still wanting something to bend a rod, so i set up a light spinning rod and fished mackerel fillets on a 1/0 just trying to get bites a few more whiting and a couple of dogs finished the days catching. I did motor off along the coast set up a couple of rapala's to troll the 10'-20' contour in the vain hope of a Bass but no luck there!

At the end of the day the boat jumped off the trailer when it found a hole in the beach, damaging the centre metal strip on the hull, more work to do then!!!

Mind you the chance of another sea trial as well:clap2:

Water temps were well into the 11's and i spotted a pod of Dolphins so things are livening up:secret:
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Add a pound to each fish and it would have been OK, but everything was really small, the gurnard was 4", the Codling less than a foot. None of the pollock would beat 1.5lb.

Its just one of those times of the year, but there is the feel of better fishing on the way, two trips on the beach two bass, two trips on the boat no bass, go figure?
Beaches seem the way forward, we were in your neck of the woods on Sunday, three of us thrashed the water with lures all day but my pal went against the grain and threw some lug worm out, it must have been in the water 2 minutes before a bass chomped it, he recast and 30 seconds later hit another one, third cast the rod bent over but it got off (as bigger ones have a nasty habit of doing) then it stopped dead.

So plenty of bass around but not active enough to chase a lure.
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