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Hi there,
I fished from Scarborough last bank holiday. I fished off Cayton Bay and had 8 - 1 pollack , 1 codling and 6 flatties (5 flounder 1 plaice). I am boat fishing but i would say that on this day I was only maybe 400 yds from shore. Then on the Monday I fished off Burniston Point - was there all day without a bite then halfway through the flood the fish finder went wappy!!! Thought we had makeral under the boat so sent some feathers down and started taking a steady stream of coalies to the boat - had 31 in an hour!!
Best time to fish on both days was half way through the flood - caught all the fish pretty much at this time!!

I'm out again this weekend - if you fancy a day trip let me know - I should be out Friday from around 2-3pm and all day saturday and sunday leaving port around 8-8.30. If you fancy it give me a call 07884 497020.

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