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Hi everbody,

As per my title i'm from the uk and i'm off to sunnier and warmer climates for christmas and new year, 17th dec through to 3rd jan.

i'm staying near Orlando, Championsgate area, if that helps?

Basically i'm a beach fisherman in the UK but i fancy wetting my line in the states for 1 maybe 2 days days if i'm lucky.

Now I've had a look online and it's obviously huge business going with these bass guides, the prices are huge!!

I'm not looking for that kinda outlay, after all it is a holiday, not a specimen hunters weekend!! it would be great to find somewhere that rents out the gear, IE rod reel tackle for a premium i realise, i buy the bait and they can point you in the right direction and maybe a map with fishing marks.

Have you kind people any ideas about this, i realise fishing the sea is going to add travelling time on so i'm more than happy to fish local lakes or whatever is nearby.

There must be someone that can help, I've always wanted to have a go at fishing in the states, bit like any fisherman, doesnt matter where you are in the world, you'll always fancy wetting your line!!!:clap2: Keep it clean :clap3:

Maybe one of you fishy people will be kind enough to have me tag along, i'll gladly buy the bait and the cold ones, now how about that for an offer :thumbs:

Anyway thanks for reading

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