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Plenty of Mackerel for bait, steam to your mark and try for them as soon as the sounder shows 30 feet.

There are Rays on the banks and Bass on the inshore wrecks and reefs. The small Bream as due around now which will start to make mark fishing difficult as they strip any fillet baits. Mackerel flappers or heads are a good way to beat these bait robbers and give you a chance of the Bass.

Alternatively get yourself some crab and look for nets in the three to five mile range. The commercials are getting a lot of Smoothounds and the crab, if you can land on the fish, will give you great sport on light tackle in under 40 foot of water. Cast across the tide on clean ground and down the tide over the mixed or rough ground. Hard back crab will be the better bait as peeler will get hammered by Wrasse, Pout and small Bream.

Plenty to target
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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