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Hi there
I would suggest if your going fishing this weekend to stay away from Filey and any exposed spots. Its the biggest tides sat and sunday of the month - I was out there last night on my boat and beleive me it was not pleasent. The sea was a 5-6 at least when I went out (2m waves) and when I returned an hour later it had worked right up to at least a 7 if not 8 (3-3.5m waves). Basically the sea at the moment is fierce and I wouldn't advise anyone to fish in any perilous places this weekend. Next weekend I'm hoping it will be better!!
Oh yes at the moment the sea is that mixed up and mucky of Scarborough that I don't think you'll get much. The last 3 trips I've had we've had in excess of 100 fish - last night not one!!!!!
I hope this helps

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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