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Going cheap.....
One 3 year old, fully potty trained and sleeps 12 hours
one 2 year old, fully potty trained who also sleeps 12 hours but is very grumpy in the mornings.

Seriously though, had a phone call from paul morgan last night to see if i fancy a trip on the smoothies. I cant think of anything that i would rather be doing on a beutifull day then be out on a boat catching smoothies. Got quite excited as we have some relatives down who take the kids all day to give us a break, so i gave them a bell and they were happy to take them at 7am:clap2:
so i rang Paul to say that me and the mrs would love to come, but found out that we wouldnt be returning until 7 ish, and with a 2 hour journey back to Newquay, it wouldve meant that we wouldve been back to town around 9...too late for the girls:schmoll: :schmoll: After an hoour of huffing the mrs gave the old "GO ON YOUR BLOODY OWN THEN" but i dont think it would have been worth the hassle i woudve got if i said ok, especially in light of the alday conger wrecking trip next weekend.
Cheers for the offer though Paul and sorry for getting your hopes up. Ive just seen the pic that WBK snr put up last night and nearly started crying:cry:

So alas, here i am on this beutifull morning, typing this out at 7-30 am watching Dora the bloody explorer instead of being on my way up to Devon:cry: :cry:

Those of you who like your fishing......DONT HAVE KIDS!!!!:nono: ( I love em really)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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