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works outing at Arbroath 23/5/05
Girl Kathleen II

Crowd from work were out on Girl Kathleen II bit of a mixed result, some of the guys that knew what they were doing had fish...11 Cod to 1 guy 2lb to 4 lb in his bag, 7 Cod to another guy his were better fish 3lb to 5 lb, most of the other guys had 3 to 4 fish each. (the raw recruits blanked)

these were the folk that were fishing tight to the bottom with lug/squid, the recruits were fishing hawkeyes about 10 foot of the bottom hence they blanked :rolleyes: I have been informed by the organizer that they wouldnt listen to the advice from the guys that were catching :( :(

pity as it looks like it could have been a good day....... wish I wasnt working at the time :mad: I would have liked to have gone.
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