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fished the comp at mains of usan farm next to stillocraig on the point ther was a bit of a swell and colur on the water so we were hopefull of some fish when we saw the water .as soon as the comp started at 9am we saw one boy lose a fish with in the first five mins and two more fish come out only small codling but what a good start in the first have hour . hopefull of a good day just turnd into a bad day for all around us as those must have been the only two cod at usan as no more where taken.we had frieds fishing at auld mains just up frome red head and they said that they had only two codlin yet just befor the end of the comp some boys came round the corner from them and had bags of fish 13 cod /11 cod and 9 cod betwen them.The boy that came in second for the Heaviest bag of cod said that he was fishing round about the carnoustie area up to east heven and that most fish where taken on the crab.Well done to the two boys that got first and second place fot the big bags of cod they got
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