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arbroath harbour

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Went to the harbour to fish the cages on tuesday with my dad and my mate chaz. We thot the conditions would be better but despite the strong winds the sea was flat and didny have that much colour in it but with the wind no due to calm down till night time we decided to fish it any way and see what happends.
Started fishing about 1pm with nothing till it got dark then chaz pulled up a wee ling about 10" long wich was returned alive and well then about an hour later a went to check my bait and a had a slack line bite reeled in and fish was still on got it up the wall a no bad 5lb told chaz to check his rod cos his line was slack so he did and said aye got one on geez a hand so a started to pull the line up by hand it feels heavy gets it over the rail ....... a lovely bit of kelp anchored to a rock haha.
Half an hour later a got another on my other rod this one was just under 3lb and that was it for the rest of the night went home about midnight with a few fish suppers so no a bad day.
Cheers graham.
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well done on the fish, it must have been hard going stood up there in that wind !
cheers rab
Glad to see you got a couple of fish there, aye that weed can put up a decent fight. Nice pics.
Well done on landing a couple of coddies, it can be a long day standing in the elements.
Thanks for sharing.

Cheers willie
Angus Country Sports in Arbroath are now open Sunday mornings 9am until noon, if you are going to be after that call and ask if they will stay back, 01241 439988.
They stock squid-(Californian-Indian and HUGE unwashed) Bluey, Razor Fish, Lug, Mussel, Peelers, Eels and Pike Packs.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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