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decided to try Arbroath yesterday, went along to the cliffs for a looksee, as tide was in decided to go round path on top of cliffs.

Noticed that there were some guys fishing from a mark further along, so started making my way down the to the bottom where I promptly fell on the slippy weed and landed on me BUTT :eek: and ripped me trousers from crotch to waistband :eek: to make matters even worse I was going commando at the time :rolleyes:

Luckily I had a big bait needle in me bag and a spool of 12lb nylon, so running repairs were done in the shelter of the cliff face. (think me sitting in the near buff sewing a pair o breeks would of scared anyone ) lol

Finally set up the rods and started fishing, nothing doing for the 1st couple o hours, guy along from me was spinning, he was getting the odd small pollock, went back along towards Arbroath once the tide had gone out a bit further, managed to get onto the rocks, got 1 small Codling about 1.8lb bloke along from me was getting some nice fish, saw him get a nice Cod about 3-4lb

unfortunatly I had to head home at this point as me an her indoors were going out.

will be back up next week on me days off, this time I will get the tide right :D
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